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• What is consists of two main sections: our family library where families can be downloaded or uploaded on both - free & commercial basis and of familyManager – an in Revit® internally running tool for smooth gathering and managing of families.
The site is a portal developed by modulCAD - Autodesk authorized developer for Revit users.

• What is Revit FamilyManager?
Revit FamilyManager is a high-capacity 'content manager' that runs as an application under Revit® Architecture, Revit® MEP and Revit® Structure. Among others, he enables quick search and convenient processing of specific component parts.  familyManager's screenshots

• What is Autodesk® Design Review and what is his position in
Autodesk® Design Review software enables to view 3D designs and it is possible to use it simultaneously with familyManager. Firstly, the viewer has to be downloaded and installed. Afterwards for viewing of families in fine and convenient way these need to be converted by using multi converter which is built in familyManager. Autodesk® Design Review is also implemented in our family library.

• What is activation code? How to activate Revit FamilyManager?
Activation code is required for manual registration (registration without internet connection). To obtain your activation code you need two information. Your computer hardware identification code which is noted in Family Manager's Activation Dialog and the product key (serial key which you buy). With these two info send mail to and recieve your activation code.

• Where can I find my computer hardware identification code (Computer ID)?
After launching of the non-activated Revit FamilyManager will open a window to activate the product. The Computer ID is clearly specified in this window. This information will be displayed only in non-activated products.

• What are the system requirements for the Revit FamilyManager?
Revit FamilyManager is an application that runs under Revit® Architecture, Revit® MEP and Revit® Structure. At this moment Revit FamilyManager is prepared for the 2008-2011 version. Though customization is one of our key competences which enables us to adjust FamilyManager for any particular needs.

• Can I test Revit FamilyManager before purchasing?
You can download Revit FamilyManager for free and use it for maximum 30 days trial. Afterwards the product has to be bought, registered and activated otherwise it will become non-functional.

• What are Categories in Revit FamilyManager for?
If the category is not correctly defined then Revit FamilyManager is not able to recognize where the family types are located. Therefore it is very important to define the categories correctly (see dialog window Options, tab Categories).

• Whom should I approach for technical support?
For technical support enquiries please contact us at where we can offer you further assistance.

The new product the familit dbManager for Revit - database manager exports element's attached parameters to database table. The exported elements are linked from external database into the revit project. The dbManager supports many database engines: oracle, MySql, MsSql, SQL Express, Access, XML. it is better then RDB Link. You can modify paramater's values in the database table and data will be writted into revit project's elements /rooms, floors, roofs, walls, families,... etc./. dbManager includes many helpful functions to work with revit projects. /export, import, calculator, selector/ You can create table includes elements from several revit projects - more rvt files in the sole table... => dbManager for Revit is the ideal product for the facility management, resource management, statistical analyses, reports etc.